COPASI API  4.40.278
CLTransformation2D Class Reference

#include <CLTransformation2D.h>

Inheritance diagram for CLTransformation2D:

Public Member Functions

 CLTransformation2D ()
 CLTransformation2D (const double m[6])
 CLTransformation2D (const Transformation2D &source)
std::string get2DTransformationString () const
const double * getMatrix2D () const
virtual void parseTransformation (const std::string &transformationString)
void setMatrix (const double m[12])
void setMatrix2D (const double m[6])
- Public Member Functions inherited from CLTransformation
 CLTransformation ()
 CLTransformation (const double matrix[12])
std::string get3DTransformationString () const
virtual const double * getMatrix () const
bool is2DTransformation () const
bool isIdentityMatrix () const
bool isSetMatrix () const
void setMatrix (const double m[12])
- Public Member Functions inherited from CLBase
 CLBase ()
 CLBase (const CLBase &b)
 CLBase (const SBase &)
const std::string & getTag () const
bool hasTag () const
virtual void moveBy (const CLPoint &)
void setTag (const std::string &tag)
virtual ~CLBase ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const double * getIdentityMatrix2D ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CLTransformation
static const double * getIdentityMatrix ()

Static Public Attributes

static const double IDENTITY2D [6] = {1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0}
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CLTransformation
static const double IDENTITY3D [12] = {1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0}

Protected Member Functions

virtual void addSBMLAttributes (Transformation2D *pTransformation) const
void updateMatrix2D ()
void updateMatrix3D ()

Protected Attributes

double mMatrix2D [6]
- Protected Attributes inherited from CLTransformation
double mMatrix [12]
- Protected Attributes inherited from CLBase
std::string mTag

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CLTransformation2D() [1/3]

CLTransformation2D::CLTransformation2D ( )

◆ CLTransformation2D() [2/3]

CLTransformation2D::CLTransformation2D ( const double  matrix[6])

Constructor with a matrix.

Constructor with values for the matrix.

References setMatrix2D().

◆ CLTransformation2D() [3/3]

CLTransformation2D::CLTransformation2D ( const Transformation2D &  source)

Constructor to generate object from the corresponding SBML object.

References setMatrix2D(), and updateMatrix2D().

Member Function Documentation

◆ addSBMLAttributes()

void CLTransformation2D::addSBMLAttributes ( Transformation2D *  pTransformation) const

Adds the attributes for a 2d transformation object to the passed in. object.

References mMatrix2D.

Referenced by CLGraphicalPrimitive1D::addSBMLAttributes(), and CLImage::toSBML().

◆ get2DTransformationString()

std::string CLTransformation2D::get2DTransformationString ( ) const

Returns a string to represent the 2D transformation.

References mMatrix2D.

Referenced by CCopasiXML::saveTransformationAttributes().

◆ getIdentityMatrix2D()

const double * CLTransformation2D::getIdentityMatrix2D ( )

Returns a 2D identity matrix. The matrix contains 6 values.

References IDENTITY2D.

◆ getMatrix2D()

const double * CLTransformation2D::getMatrix2D ( ) const

Returns the matrix. The matrix contains 6 values.

References mMatrix2D.

◆ parseTransformation()

void CLTransformation2D::parseTransformation ( const std::string &  transformationString)

Sets the transformation matrix from the given string. The string has to contain either 6 or 12 numerical values seperated by ",". Otherwise the matrix is set to the identity matrix.

Reimplemented from CLTransformation.

References mMatrix2D, CLTransformation::parseTransformation(), updateMatrix2D(), and updateMatrix3D().

Referenced by EllipseHandler::processStart(), GroupHandler::processStart(), ImageHandler::processStart(), PolygonHandler::processStart(), RectangleHandler::processStart(), RenderCurveHandler::processStart(), and RenderTextHandler::processStart().

◆ setMatrix()

void CLTransformation2D::setMatrix ( const double  m[12])

Sets the 3D matrix. The 2D matrix is updated accordingly.

References CLTransformation::setMatrix(), and updateMatrix2D().

◆ setMatrix2D()

void CLTransformation2D::setMatrix2D ( const double  m[6])

Sets the 2D matrix. The 3D matrix is updated accordingly.

Sets the matrix.

References mMatrix2D, and updateMatrix3D().

Referenced by CLTransformation2D().

◆ updateMatrix2D()

void CLTransformation2D::updateMatrix2D ( )

Fills the 2D matrix with data from the 3D matrix.

References CLTransformation::mMatrix, and mMatrix2D.

Referenced by CLTransformation2D(), parseTransformation(), and setMatrix().

◆ updateMatrix3D()

void CLTransformation2D::updateMatrix3D ( )

Sets the 3D matrix from the 2D matrix.

References CLTransformation::mMatrix, and mMatrix2D.

Referenced by parseTransformation(), and setMatrix2D().

Member Data Documentation


const double CLTransformation2D::IDENTITY2D = {1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0}

Referenced by getIdentityMatrix2D().

◆ mMatrix2D

double CLTransformation2D::mMatrix2D[6]

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