COPASI API  4.40.278
CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition Class Reference

Public Types

typedef std::multimap< size_t, size_t * > speciesToReactionsMap

Public Member Functions

 CPartition ()
 CPartition (const CPartition &src)
void intialize (const CMathContainer *pContainer, const C_FLOAT64 &lowerThreshold, const C_FLOAT64 &upperThreshold)
bool rePartition (const CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 > &state)
 ~CPartition ()

Public Attributes

CVector< const CMathReaction * > mDeterministicReactions
size_t mFirstReactionSpeciesIndex
bool mHasDeterministic
bool mHasStochastic
C_FLOAT64 mLowerThreshold
CVector< size_t > mNumLowSpecies
size_t mNumReactionSpecies
const CMathContainermpContainer
const C_FLOAT64mpFirstReactionValue
speciesToReactionsMap mSpeciesToReactions
CVector< const CMathReaction * > mStochasticReactions
CVector< bool > mStochasticSpecies
C_FLOAT64 mUpperThreshold

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ speciesToReactionsMap

typedef std::multimap< size_t, size_t * > CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::speciesToReactionsMap

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CPartition() [1/2]

CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::CPartition ( )

Default constructor


This class implements an hybrid algorithm for the simulation of a biochemical system over time.

◆ CPartition() [2/2]

CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::CPartition ( const CPartition src)

Copy constructor

constCPartition & src

◆ ~CPartition()

CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::~CPartition ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ intialize()

◆ rePartition()

bool CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::rePartition ( const CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 > &  state)

Member Data Documentation

◆ mDeterministicReactions

CVector< const CMathReaction * > CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mDeterministicReactions

A vector containing pointers to stochastic reaction dependencies

Referenced by CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::evalF().

◆ mFirstReactionSpeciesIndex

size_t CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mFirstReactionSpeciesIndex

The index of the first species determined by reactions in the state

Referenced by CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::evalF().

◆ mHasDeterministic

bool CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mHasDeterministic

A Boolean flag indicating whether the system has deterministic reactions

◆ mHasStochastic

bool CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mHasStochastic

A Boolean flag indicating whether the system has stochastic reactions

Referenced by CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::doSingleStep().

◆ mLowerThreshold

C_FLOAT64 CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mLowerThreshold

The threshold for switching to stochastic treatment

◆ mNumLowSpecies

CVector< size_t > CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mNumLowSpecies

A vector containing the number of low species for each reaction

◆ mNumReactionSpecies

size_t CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mNumReactionSpecies

The number of species determined by reactions

Referenced by CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::evalF().

◆ mpContainer

const CMathContainer* CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mpContainer

A pointer to the math container;

◆ mpFirstReactionValue

const C_FLOAT64* CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mpFirstReactionValue

A pointer to the first species determined by reactions

Referenced by CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::evalF().

◆ mSpeciesToReactions

speciesToReactionsMap CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mSpeciesToReactions

A map from a species index to the indexes of the reactions it participates in

◆ mStochasticReactions

CVector< const CMathReaction * > CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mStochasticReactions

◆ mStochasticSpecies

CVector< bool > CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mStochasticSpecies

A vector indicating whether a species is treated stochastically or not.

◆ mUpperThreshold

C_FLOAT64 CTrajectoryMethodDsaLsodar::CPartition::mUpperThreshold

The threshold for switching to deterministic treatment

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