COPASI API  4.40.278
COutputAssistant Class Reference

#include <COutputAssistant.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static CDataObjectcreateDefaultOutput (C_INT32 id, CCopasiTask *task, CDataModel *pDataModel, bool activate=true, const std::vector< COutputOption > *pOptions=NULL)
static C_INT32 findItemByName (const std::string &name, bool isPlot=true)
static C_INT32 getDefaultPlotIndex (const CCopasiProblem *problem)
static C_INT32 getDefaultReportIndex (const CCopasiProblem *problem)
static const CDefaultOutputDescriptiongetItem (C_INT32 id)
static const std::string & getItemName (C_INT32 id)
static std::vector< C_INT32getListOfDefaultOutputDescriptions (const CCopasiTask *task=NULL)

Private Types

typedef std::map< C_INT32, CDefaultOutputDescriptionMap

Static Private Member Functions

static void add2DDataArrayToVector (std::vector< const CDataObject * > &pVector, const CDataArray *pArray)
static CPlotSpecificationcreatePlot (const std::string &name, const CDataObject *x, bool logX, const std::vector< const CDataObject * > &y, bool logY, const CTaskEnum::Task &taskType, CDataModel *pDataModel, CCopasiTask *task=NULL)
static CReportDefinitioncreateTable (const std::string &name, const std::vector< const CDataObject * > &d, const std::string &comment, const CTaskEnum::Task &taskType, CDataModel *pDataModel)
static bool initialize ()
static bool isOptionEnabled (const std::vector< COutputOption > *pOptions, const std::string &name, bool defaultValue=true)

Static Private Attributes

static const CDefaultOutputDescription emptyItem
static const std::string emptyString
static Map mMap

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Map

Member Function Documentation

◆ add2DDataArrayToVector()

void COutputAssistant::add2DDataArrayToVector ( std::vector< const CDataObject * > &  pVector,
const CDataArray pArray 

◆ createDefaultOutput()

CDataObject * COutputAssistant::createDefaultOutput ( C_INT32  id,
CCopasiTask task,
CDataModel pDataModel,
bool  activate = true,
const std::vector< COutputOption > *  pOptions = NULL 

◆ createPlot()

◆ createTable()

CReportDefinition * COutputAssistant::createTable ( const std::string &  name,
const std::vector< const CDataObject * > &  d,
const std::string &  comment,
const CTaskEnum::Task taskType,
CDataModel pDataModel 

◆ findItemByName()

C_INT32 COutputAssistant::findItemByName ( const std::string &  name,
bool  isPlot = true 

get the id of output definition with the given name

namethe name of the default output description to find
isPlotboolean indicating whether we are looking for a plot (true, default) or report.
the item id if found, or -1 if it is not

References initialize(), and mMap.

◆ getDefaultPlotIndex()

C_INT32 COutputAssistant::getDefaultPlotIndex ( const CCopasiProblem problem)

get an index of a default plot that is recommended for the given problem. If no such plot exists, -1 is returned

References CCopasiProblem::getType(), CTaskEnum::steadyState, and CTaskEnum::timeCourse.

◆ getDefaultReportIndex()

C_INT32 COutputAssistant::getDefaultReportIndex ( const CCopasiProblem problem)

get an index of a default output report that is recommended for the given problem. If no such report exists, -1 is returned

References CCopasiProblem::getType(), CTaskEnum::steadyState, and CTaskEnum::timeCourse.

◆ getItem()

const CDefaultOutputDescription & COutputAssistant::getItem ( C_INT32  id)

get complete description of output definition with index id.

References emptyItem, and mMap.

Referenced by createDefaultOutput().

◆ getItemName()

const std::string & COutputAssistant::getItemName ( C_INT32  id)

get title of output definition with index id.

References emptyString, and mMap.

Referenced by createDefaultOutput().

◆ getListOfDefaultOutputDescriptions()

std::vector< C_INT32 > COutputAssistant::getListOfDefaultOutputDescriptions ( const CCopasiTask task = NULL)

get a list of indices of output definitions that are suitable for the problem. If problem=NULL (default) all indices in the map are returned.

References CTaskEnum::crosssection, CCopasiTask::getType(), initialize(), mMap, CTaskEnum::timeCourse, and CTaskEnum::UnsetTask.

◆ initialize()

bool COutputAssistant::initialize ( )

numbering scheme:

0-99: time course plots 200-299: plots with scan parameter on x-axis

above 1000: reports

1000-1099: reports with time and some other variables 1200-1299: reports with scan parameters and some other variables

the meaning of the last two digits should be the same in all those cases.

Special plots, e.g. for parameter estimation, use numbers 900-998.

References mMap, CTaskEnum::optimization, CTaskEnum::parameterFitting, CTaskEnum::scan, CTaskEnum::steadyState, CTaskEnum::timeCourse, CTaskEnum::timeSens, and CTaskEnum::UnsetTask.

Referenced by findItemByName(), and getListOfDefaultOutputDescriptions().

◆ isOptionEnabled()

bool COutputAssistant::isOptionEnabled ( const std::vector< COutputOption > *  pOptions,
const std::string &  name,
bool  defaultValue = true 

Referenced by createDefaultOutput().

Member Data Documentation

◆ emptyItem

const CDefaultOutputDescription COutputAssistant::emptyItem

Referenced by getItem().

◆ emptyString

const std::string COutputAssistant::emptyString

Referenced by getItemName().

◆ mMap

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