COPASI API  4.40.278
CDataArray Class Reference

#include <CDataArray.h>

Inheritance diagram for CDataArray:

Public Types

typedef C_FLOAT64 data_type
typedef CArray::index_type index_type
enum class  Mode {
  Objects , Vector , VectorOnTheFly , Strings ,
  Numbers , __SIZE
typedef std::vector< std::string > name_index_type
- Public Types inherited from CDataContainer
typedef CDataObjectMap objectMap
- Public Types inherited from CDataObject
typedef std::set< const CDataObject * > DataObjectSet
enum  Flag {
  Container , Vector , Matrix , NameVector ,
  Reference , ValueBool , ValueInt , ValueInt64 ,
  ValueDbl , NonUniqueName , StaticString , ValueString ,
  Separator , DisplayName , ModelEntity , Array ,
  DataModel , Root , Gui , __SIZE
- Public Types inherited from CObjectInterface
typedef std::vector< const CDataContainer * > ContainerList
typedef std::set< const CObjectInterface * > ObjectSet

Public Member Functions

const CDataObjectaddElementReference (C_INT32 u) const
const CDataObjectaddElementReference (C_INT32 u, C_INT32 v) const
const CDataObjectaddElementReference (const index_type &index) const
const CDataObjectaddElementReference (const name_index_type &nameIndex) const
CArrayInterfacearray ()
const CArrayInterfacearray () const
 CDataArray (const std::string &name, const CDataContainer *pParent, CArrayInterface *array, const bool &adopt)
index_type cnToIndex (const name_index_type &cnIndex) const
size_t dimensionality () const
name_index_type displayNamesToCN (const std::vector< std::string > &DisplayNames) const
const std::vector< CRegisteredCommonName > & getAnnotationsCN (size_t d) const
const std::vector< std::string > & getAnnotationsString (size_t d, bool display=true) const
CArrayInterfacegetArray () const
Mode getDefaultMode () const
const std::string & getDescription () const
const std::string & getDimensionDescription (size_t d) const
Mode getMode (size_t d) const
virtual const CObjectInterfacegetObject (const CCommonName &cn) const
virtual std::string getObjectDisplayName () const
bool isEmpty ()
data_typeoperator[] (const name_index_type &nameIndex)
const data_typeoperator[] (const name_index_type &nameIndex) const
virtual void print (std::ostream *ostream) const
void printRecursively (std::ostream &ostream, size_t level, CArrayInterface::index_type &index, const std::vector< std::vector< std::string > > &display) const
void reDimensionalize (size_t d)
void resize ()
void resizeOneDimension (size_t d)
void setAnnotation (size_t d, size_t i, const CDataObject *pObject)
void setAnnotationString (size_t d, size_t i, const std::string s)
void setArray (CArrayInterface *a)
template<class CType >
void setCopasiVector (size_t d, const CDataVector< CType > &v)
void setDescription (const std::string &s)
void setDimensionDescription (size_t d, const std::string &s)
void setMode (Mode m)
void setMode (size_t d, Mode m)
CArrayInterface::index_type size () const
virtual ~CDataArray ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDataContainer
virtual bool add (CDataObject *pObject, const bool &adopt=true)
virtual bool appendDeletedDependentData (CUndoData &undoData) const
virtual bool applyData (const CData &data, CUndoData::CChangeSet &changes) override
 CDataContainer (const CDataContainer &src, const CDataContainer *pParent)
 CDataContainer (const std::string &name, const CDataContainer *pParent=NO_PARENT, const std::string &type="CN", const CFlags< Flag > &flag=CFlags< Flag >::None)
virtual void createUndoData (CUndoData &undoData, const CUndoData::Type &type, const CData &oldData=CData(), const CCore::Framework &framework=CCore::Framework::ParticleNumbers) const override
virtual std::string getChildObjectUnits (const CDataObject *pObject) const
void getDescendants (CDataObject::DataObjectSet &descendants, const bool &recursive=false) const
virtual size_t getIndex (const CDataObject *pObject) const
virtual objectMapgetObjects ()
virtual const objectMapgetObjects () const
virtual const std::string getUnits () const override
virtual const CDataObjectgetValueObject () const override
virtual CUndoObjectInterfaceinsert (const CData &data) override
void objectRenamed (CDataObject *pObject, const std::string &oldName)
virtual bool remove (CDataObject *pObject)
virtual CData toData () const override
virtual ~CDataContainer ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDataObject
void addIssue (const CIssue &issue)
void addReference (const CDataContainer *pReference)
virtual void calculateValue () override
 CDataObject (const CDataObject &src, const CDataContainer *pParent=NULL)
virtual void destruct () override
virtual CCommonName getCN () const override
virtual const CDataObjectgetDataObject () const override
virtual const std::string & getKey () const
CDataContainergetObjectAncestor (const std::string &type) const
CDataModelgetObjectDataModel () const
const CObjectInterfacegetObjectFromCN (const CCommonName &cn) const
const std::string & getObjectName () const
CDataContainergetObjectParent () const
const std::string & getObjectType () const
virtual const CObjectInterface::ObjectSetgetPrerequisites () const override
virtual const CValiditygetValidity () const override
virtual void * getValuePointer () const override
bool hasFlag (const Flag &flag) const
virtual bool isPrerequisiteForContext (const CObjectInterface *pObject, const CCore::SimulationContextFlag &context, const CObjectInterface::ObjectSet &changedObjects) const override
bool prerequisitsContains (const DataObjectSet &objects) const
void removeIssue (const CIssue &issue)
void removeReference (const CDataContainer *pReference)
bool setObjectName (const std::string &name)
virtual bool setObjectParent (const CDataContainer *pParent)
void validityChanged (const CValidity &changedValidity) override
void validityRemoved (const CValidity &changedValidity)
virtual ~CDataObject ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CObjectInterface
 CObjectInterface ()
 CObjectInterface (const CObjectInterface &src)
virtual ~CObjectInterface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CUndoObjectInterface
 CUndoObjectInterface ()
 CUndoObjectInterface (const CUndoObjectInterface &src)
bool generateUuid ()
const xg::Guid & getUuid () const
bool setUuid (const std::string &uuid)
bool setUuid (const xg::Guid &uuid)
virtual void updateIndex (const size_t &index, const CUndoObjectInterface *pUndoObject)
virtual ~CUndoObjectInterface ()

Private Member Functions

 CDataArray ()
 CDataArray (const CDataArray &)
std::string createDisplayName (const std::string &cn) const
CDataArrayoperator= (const CDataArray &)
void updateDisplayNames () const

Private Attributes

std::vector< std::vector< CRegisteredCommonName > > mAnnotationsCN
std::vector< std::vector< std::string > > mAnnotationsString
Mode mDefaultMode
std::string mDescription
bool mDestructArray
std::vector< std::string > mDimensionDescriptions
std::vector< ModemModes


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const CDataArray &o)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CDataContainer
static CDataContainerfromData (const CData &data, CUndoObjectInterface *pParent)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CDataObject
static CDataObjectfromData (const CData &data, CUndoObjectInterface *pParent)
static void sanitizeObjectName (std::string &name)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CObjectInterface
static const CDataObjectDataObject (const CObjectInterface *pInterface)
static CObjectInterfaceGetObjectFromCN (const ContainerList &listOfContainer, const CCommonName &objName)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CUndoObjectInterface
template<class CType >
static CType * fromData (const CData &, CUndoObjectInterface *)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CDataContainer
static const CObjectInterface::ContainerList EmptyList
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CDataContainer
template<class CType >
CDataMatrixReference< CType > * addMatrixReference (const std::string &name, CType &reference, const CFlags< Flag > &flag=CFlags< Flag >::None)
template<class CType >
CDataObjectReference< CType > * addObjectReference (const std::string &name, CType &reference, const CFlags< Flag > &flag=CFlags< Flag >::None)
template<class CType >
CDataVectorReference< CType > * addVectorReference (const std::string &name, CType &reference, const CFlags< Flag > &flag=CFlags< Flag >::None)
 CDataContainer (const CDataContainer &src)
void initObjects ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CDataObject
 CDataObject ()
 CDataObject (const std::string &name, const CDataContainer *pParent=static_cast< CDataContainer * >((void *) 0), const std::string &type="CN", const CFlags< Flag > &flag=CFlags< Flag >::None)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CDataContainer
objectMap mObjects
- Protected Attributes inherited from CDataObject
ObjectSet mPrerequisits
std::set< CDataContainer * > mReferences
- Protected Attributes inherited from CObjectInterface
CValidity mValidity

Detailed Description

This class contains the annotations to a n-dimensional array. Annotations can be provided for the array as such, for each of the dimensions, and for each of the indices (rows, columns, ...)

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ data_type

◆ index_type

◆ name_index_type

typedef std::vector< std::string > CDataArray::name_index_type

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Mode

enum CDataArray::Mode

The annotation to an array can work in different modes. The mode for each dimension can be changed independently.

OBJECTS: The CNs for the rows, cols, ... of the array are given explicitly

VECTOR: A CDataVector is provided from which the CNs are generated at the time the vector is set

VectorOnTheFly: A CDataVector is provided, but the CNs are generated every time the annotations are retrieved (so that they are always up to date).

STRINGS: The annotations for the rows, cols, ... are given explicitly as strings.

NUMBERS: The rows, cols, ... of the array are only annotation with running numbers (starting with 0)-


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CDataArray() [1/3]

CDataArray::CDataArray ( )

◆ CDataArray() [2/3]

CDataArray::CDataArray ( const CDataArray )

◆ CDataArray() [3/3]

CDataArray::CDataArray ( const std::string &  name,
const CDataContainer pParent,
CArrayInterface array,
const bool &  adopt 

References mpArray, and resize().

◆ ~CDataArray()

CDataArray::~CDataArray ( )

References mDestructArray, mpArray, and pdelete.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addElementReference() [1/4]

const CDataObject * CDataArray::addElementReference ( C_INT32  u) const

a convenience function for 1-dimensional arrays.

References addElementReference().

◆ addElementReference() [2/4]

const CDataObject * CDataArray::addElementReference ( C_INT32  u,
C_INT32  v 
) const

a convenience function for 2-dimensional arrays.

References addElementReference().

◆ addElementReference() [3/4]

const CDataObject * CDataArray::addElementReference ( const index_type index) const

an object that will act as a reference to one element of an array will be created and inserted as a child of the array annotation. Basically most of the work will be done by getObject(). If the element already exists, the existing element will be returned.

References mAnnotationsCN, and StringPrint().

Referenced by COutputAssistant::add2DDataArrayToVector(), addElementReference(), CObjectLists::getListOfConstObjects(), and getObject().

◆ addElementReference() [4/4]

const CDataObject * CDataArray::addElementReference ( const name_index_type nameIndex) const

◆ array() [1/2]

CArrayInterface* CDataArray::array ( )

References mpArray.

Referenced by printRecursively().

◆ array() [2/2]

const CArrayInterface* CDataArray::array ( ) const

References mpArray.

◆ cnToIndex()

CDataArray::index_type CDataArray::cnToIndex ( const name_index_type cnIndex) const

◆ createDisplayName()

std::string CDataArray::createDisplayName ( const std::string &  cn) const

◆ dimensionality()

◆ displayNamesToCN()

CDataArray::name_index_type CDataArray::displayNamesToCN ( const std::vector< std::string > &  DisplayNames) const

◆ getAnnotationsCN()

const std::vector< CRegisteredCommonName > & CDataArray::getAnnotationsCN ( size_t  d) const

returns the vector of CNs that correspond to the rows, columns, ... of the array. This method must not be called if the mode for the dimension d is STRINGS or NUMBERS

References mAnnotationsCN.

◆ getAnnotationsString()

const std::vector< std::string > & CDataArray::getAnnotationsString ( size_t  d,
bool  display = true 
) const

This returns strings that annotate the rows, columns, ... of the array. If the mode is OBJECTS, VECTOR, or VectorOnTheFly the display argument determines if the object name or the object display name is used. Note that this method returns a reference. The content that the reference points to may be changes by later calls to the getAnnotationsCN() method with the same value for d. Specifically if you use this method to obtain a reference to the list of display names and then call the method again to get the plain object names, the first reference will after that also point to the plain object names.

References createDisplayName(), mAnnotationsCN, mAnnotationsString, mModes, Numbers, and StringPrint().

◆ getArray()

CArrayInterface * CDataArray::getArray ( ) const

References mpArray.

Referenced by CFitProblem::calculate().

◆ getDefaultMode()

Mode CDataArray::getDefaultMode ( ) const

References mDefaultMode.

◆ getDescription()

const std::string & CDataArray::getDescription ( ) const

References mDescription.

◆ getDimensionDescription()

const std::string & CDataArray::getDimensionDescription ( size_t  d) const

References mDimensionDescriptions.

Referenced by printRecursively().

◆ getMode()

Mode CDataArray::getMode ( size_t  d) const

References mModes.

◆ getObject()

const CObjectInterface * CDataArray::getObject ( const CCommonName cn) const

Resolve a cn. Since this is an array, the CN can start with an index like "[2][3]". Since this is also a container, this is not necessarily the case.

Reimplemented from CDataContainer.

References addElementReference(), C_INT32, displayNamesToCN(), CDataObjectMap::equal_range(), CCommonName::escape(), CCommonName::getElementName(), CDataContainer::getObject(), CDataObject::getObject(), CCommonName::getRemainder(), and CDataContainer::mObjects.

◆ getObjectDisplayName()

std::string CDataArray::getObjectDisplayName ( ) const

generate a display name for the array annotation.

Reimplemented from CDataObject.

References CDataObject::getObjectDisplayName(), CDataObject::getObjectName(), CDataObject::getObjectParent(), and CDataObject::getObjectType().

◆ isEmpty()

bool CDataArray::isEmpty ( )

Check whether the size of array is greater than 0 for each dimension. Return true, if so. Otherwise, false.

References dimensionality(), and size().

◆ operator=()

CDataArray& CDataArray::operator= ( const CDataArray )

◆ operator[]() [1/2]

CDataArray::data_type & CDataArray::operator[] ( const name_index_type nameIndex)

References cnToIndex(), and mpArray.

◆ operator[]() [2/2]

const CDataArray::data_type & CDataArray::operator[] ( const name_index_type nameIndex) const

References cnToIndex(), and mpArray.

◆ print()

void CDataArray::print ( std::ostream *  ostream) const

This is the output method for any object. The default implementation provided with CDataObject uses the ostream operator<< of the object to print the object.To override this default behavior one needs to reimplement the virtual print function.

std::ostream* ostream

Reimplemented from CDataObject.

◆ printRecursively()

void CDataArray::printRecursively ( std::ostream &  ostream,
size_t  level,
CArrayInterface::index_type index,
const std::vector< std::vector< std::string > > &  display 
) const

◆ reDimensionalize()

void CDataArray::reDimensionalize ( size_t  d)

resize the internal vectors according to the dimensionality of the array

References mAnnotationsCN, mAnnotationsString, mDefaultMode, mDimensionDescriptions, and mModes.

Referenced by resize().

◆ resize()

◆ resizeOneDimension()

void CDataArray::resizeOneDimension ( size_t  d)

◆ setAnnotation()

◆ setAnnotationString()

◆ setArray()

void CDataArray::setArray ( CArrayInterface a)

let the ArrayAnnotation point to a different array. If you use this method without updating the annotations afterwards it is your responsibility to make sure the new array fits the existing annotation (in dimensionality and, if not in VectorOnTheFly mode, in size).

References mpArray.

◆ setCopasiVector()

template<class CType >
void CDataArray::setCopasiVector ( size_t  d,
const CDataVector< CType > &  v 

Associates a dimension d of the array with a CDataVector of CDataObjects. If the mode of the dimension d is VECTOR than the CNs of the objects in the vector are generated and stored immediately. If the mode is VectorOnTheFly the CNs are generated when getAnnotationsCN() or getAnnotationsString() is called.

References dimensionality(), CDataObject::getCN(), mAnnotationsCN, mModes, CDataVector< CType >::size(), Vector, and VectorOnTheFly.

Referenced by CCSPMethod::initializeOutput(), CModel::initObjects(), CLNAMethod::resizeAllMatrices(), CMCAMethod::resizeAllMatrices(), CCSPMethod::setAnnotationM(), CILDMMethod::setAnnotationM(), CILDMModifiedMethod::setAnnotationM(), CCSPMethod::start(), and CModel::updateMatrixAnnotations().

◆ setDescription()

◆ setDimensionDescription()

◆ setMode() [1/2]

void CDataArray::setMode ( Mode  m)

set the mode for all dimensions, this also sets the default mode that is used when resizing the ArrayAnnotion to a larger dimensionality

References mDefaultMode, mModes, and setMode().

◆ setMode() [2/2]

◆ size()

◆ updateDisplayNames()

void CDataArray::updateDisplayNames ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const CDataArray o 

Member Data Documentation

◆ mAnnotationsCN

◆ mAnnotationsString

std::vector< std::vector< std::string > > CDataArray::mAnnotationsString

◆ mDefaultMode

Mode CDataArray::mDefaultMode

This contains the default mode that is used if during a resize() the dimensionality is increased.

Referenced by getDefaultMode(), reDimensionalize(), and setMode().

◆ mDescription

std::string CDataArray::mDescription

Referenced by getDescription(), and setDescription().

◆ mDestructArray

bool CDataArray::mDestructArray

Referenced by ~CDataArray().

◆ mDimensionDescriptions

std::vector< std::string > CDataArray::mDimensionDescriptions

◆ mModes

std::vector<Mode> CDataArray::mModes

This contains the mode for the different dimensions

Referenced by dimensionality(), getAnnotationsString(), getMode(), reDimensionalize(), setCopasiVector(), and setMode().

◆ mpArray

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