COPASI API  4.40.278
CValidity Class Reference

#include <CValidity.h>

Public Types

typedef CFlags< CIssue::eKindKind
typedef CFlags< CIssue::eSeveritySeverity

Public Member Functions

void add (const CIssue &issue)
void clear ()
 CValidity (CObjectInterface *pObjectInterface=NULL)
 CValidity (const CValidity &src, CObjectInterface *pObjectInterface=NULL)
bool empty () const
const Kindget (const CIssue::eSeverity &severity) const
const CIssuegetFirstWorstIssue () const
CIssue::eSeverity getHighestSeverity (const CValidity::Severity &filterSeverity=CValidity::Severity::All, const CValidity::Kind &filterKind=CValidity::Kind::All) const
const std::string getIssueMessages (const Severity &severityFilter=Severity::All, const Kind &kindFilter=Kind::All) const
CValidityoperator= (const CValidity &rhs)
CValidityoperator|= (const CValidity &rhs)
void remove (const CIssue &issue)
void remove (const CValidity::Severity &severity, const CValidity::Kind &kind)
 ~CValidity ()

Private Member Functions

const std::string generateIssueMessages (const CIssue::eSeverity &severity) const

Private Attributes

Kind mErrors
CIssue mFirstWorstIssue
Kind mInformation
Kind mWarnings

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Kind

◆ Severity

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CValidity() [1/2]

CValidity::CValidity ( CObjectInterface pObjectInterface = NULL)

◆ CValidity() [2/2]

CValidity::CValidity ( const CValidity src,
CObjectInterface pObjectInterface = NULL 

◆ ~CValidity()

CValidity::~CValidity ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

◆ clear()

◆ empty()

bool CValidity::empty ( ) const

◆ generateIssueMessages()

const std::string CValidity::generateIssueMessages ( const CIssue::eSeverity severity) const

◆ get()

const CValidity::Kind & CValidity::get ( const CIssue::eSeverity severity) const

◆ getFirstWorstIssue()

◆ getHighestSeverity()

◆ getIssueMessages()

const std::string CValidity::getIssueMessages ( const Severity severityFilter = Severity::All,
const Kind kindFilter = Kind::All 
) const

◆ operator=()

CValidity & CValidity::operator= ( const CValidity rhs)

◆ operator|=()

◆ remove() [1/2]

◆ remove() [2/2]

Member Data Documentation

◆ mErrors

Kind CValidity::mErrors

◆ mFirstWorstIssue

CIssue CValidity::mFirstWorstIssue

◆ mInformation

Kind CValidity::mInformation

◆ mpObjectInterface

CObjectInterface* CValidity::mpObjectInterface

Referenced by add(), clear(), operator=(), operator|=(), and remove().

◆ mWarnings

Kind CValidity::mWarnings

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