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Change History | COPASI 4.7 (Build 34)

COPASI 4.7 (Build 34)

Version 4.7 (Build 34)

Release Date: July 13, 2011

New Features since COPASI 4.6.33 (development)

This release features new 64 bit packages for all supported platforms.
  • Graphical User Interface (CopasiUI)
    • Enhanced parsing of mathematical expression to allow the comparison operator <, <=, >, >=, and == as well as the Boolean operators || and &&.
    • Allowed calculation results to be selected as constraints for optimization and parameter estimation.
    • Improved display of mass conservation results. The moieties are now displayed in amount if the user is in the concentration framework.
    • Added Update Model button to the optimization result widget
  • Simulation Engine
    • The calculation of statistics is no optional for optimization and parameter estimation tasks.
    • Start values can no be randomized automatically for optimization and parameter estimation tasks.
  • SBML
    • Added support for constant conversion factors in Level 3.

Bug Fixes since COPASI 4.6.33 (development)

  • Graphical User Interface (CopasiUI)
    • Fixed crash when editing notes and switching the view mode.
    • Fixed display of rate law interpretation in the model.
    • The model name no longer appears in the left navigation tree.
    • Fixed write access to the example directory so that users are able to execute them.
    • Fixed opening of files which included non-ascii characters in the name through double click under Windows
    • Allowed calculation results to be selected as constraints for optimization and parameter estimation.
    • Deleting functions now prompts the user if the function is used within the model.
    • Improved editing behavior in tables for compartments, species, global, quantities and reactions.
    • Boolean values in tables are now represented by check boxes.
    • Preserved line breaks and indents in notes when free text and not XHTL is used.
    • Fixed problem editing particle numbers when in the particle number framework.
    • All numerical values are now displayed and edited with 10 significant digits.
    • Prevent crashes caused by incomplete specification of kinetic parameters or modifiers.
    • Fixed editing of event assignments to trigger update the internal dependencies.
    • Fixed erroneous empty error messages at the end the steady state calculation.
    • Improved MathML and rendering of build in functions like sin, cos, ceil(), and floor().
    • Fixed deletion of multiple objects which could cause a crash in COPASI.
    • Improved handling of MIRIAM resource Ids, leading and trailing spaces are now stripped automatically.
  • Simulation Engine
    • Fixed crash in hybrid stochastic simulation method occurring for some models
    • Fixed event detection to correctly deal with saddle points which have value 0.
    • Fixed output of time course for models with events which did not distinguish between equality and inequality when an event occurred at the end of an integration intervall.
    • Fixed occasional problem when calculating the steady-state for models with moieties for which the dependent species amount is 0.
    • Improves sensitivities task to handle failed subtasks gracefully. COPASI will report a warning when more than 20% of the subtasks fail.
    • Fixed parameter estimation to work correctly with model or experimental data containing changes to the volume.
    • Improved handling of experimental data files not located in the same directory as the COPASI file.
  • SBML
    • Fixed SBML export of initial assignment for species for which the hasOnlySubstance flag is set.
    • Fixed import of piecewise defined functions which are missing an otherwise construct.
    • Fixed export of render extension information.
    • Improved import of models containing initial assignments for species which in rare circumstances where not executed.
    • Fixed import of the Avogadro constant in Level 3.