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Change History | COPASI 4.6 (Build 32)

COPASI 4.6 (Build 32)

Version 4.6 (Build 32)

Release Date: July 14, 2010

New Features since COPASI 4.5 (Build 30)

  • Graphical User Interface (CopasiUI)
    • Sorting and filtering in tables, which eases handling of large models.
    • Enhanced result representation of elementary flux mode analysis.
    • Improved SBW registration to handle multiple COPASI installations.
  • Simulation Engine
    • Support of conditional events, which are discrete changes to the model.
    • 2 new stochastic simulation algorithms, which implements the direct Gillespie algorithm and Tau-Leap method.
    • Eigenvalues of the steady-state Jacobians are now available for further processing or output.
  • SBML
    • Import and export of SBML Level 2 Version 4.
    • Full support for SBML event import/export
    • COPASI now passes all test of the SBML testsuite for all version of SBML up to L2V4 except for the tests including algebraic rules or 'fast' reactions

Bug Fixes since COPASI 4.5.31 (development)

  • Graphical User Interface (CopasiUI)
    • Added support for saving sensitivity results.
    • Fixed the display of the method parameter table for tasks.
    • Removed empty lines in the rendering of the ODEs.
    • Fixed crash which may occur when deleting an event assignment.
    • Fixed crash which may occur after the execution of the Lyapunov task.
  • Simulation Engine
    • The initial time of non-autonomous models is now loaded correctly.
    • The information whether the MCA task shall calculate a steady-state may have been lost when loading a COPASi file.
    • If the data file and its description differ in the parameter estimation task COPASI shows now the appropriate error messages instead of crashing.
    • Fixed problem calculating the sensitivities of a steady-state towards a fixed global quantity.
  • SBML
    • Fixed a crash when exporting to SBML which may occur after renaming of any model object.
    • Fixed a crash when attempting to exporta model containing piecewise defined functions to L1V2.
    • Fixed error messages of SBML export to report the user selected level and version.
    • Fixed problem exporting invalid XHTML notes which were missing a meta tag defining the used style type.