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Change History | COPASI 4.36 (Build 260)

COPASI 4.36 (Build 260)

Version 4.36.260

Release Date: May 16, 2022

Bug Fixes since COPASI 4.35 (Build 258)

  • Graphical User Interface (CopasiUI)
    • Fixed an issue where the mapping of substrates could not be changed in the reaction widget when the compartment name included spaces.
  • Simulation Engine
  • Standards
    • SBML: Removed spurious error message when importing compartment volumes.
    • SBML: Fixed import and export of atto, zepto, yocto, exa, zetto, and yotta scale.
    • SBML: Fixed round trip problem with dimensionless quantity unit.
    • SEDML: Fixed export of plot colors, markers; added labels for items without SBMLId; assured that output start time is ≥ initial time; and added support for parameter estimation plots.
    • MIRIAM: Added support for the new 'compact' representation of URLs