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Change History | COPASI 4.1 (Build 21)

COPASI 4.1 (Build 21)

Version 4.1 (Build 21)

Release Date: May 10, 2007

New Features

  • Improved the COPASI object selection dialog to only display values valid in the current context.
  • Added color coding of numerical tables to easily distinguish between large and small values.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the mathematical view to display global quantities of type ASSIGNMENT and ODE.
  • Fixed problem in the convert to irreversible tool, which in special situations created incorrect parameter mappings for the kinetic law.
  • The column order when saving plot data is determined by the order of curves and their X and Y data.
  • Fixed SBML import of species with initialAmount="0".
  • Fixed occasional problem preventing the user to create more than one new item in the table views of reactions, metabolites, global quantities, and compartments.
  • Fixed incorrect detection of changes to the model made in table views, which resulted in the user not being prompted to save the modified model when exiting COPASI.
  • Fixed crash in table view, which occasionally occurred when editing multiple rows at once.
  • Created a warning message indicating missing objects in reports or plots, which were previously silently ignored.
  • Fixed crash in the convert to irreversible tool occurring in multi compartment models.
  • Fixed problem loading Gepasi files containing a Hill function, which lead to an incorrect parameter assignment.
  • Enhanced message box to be able to handle large message texts.
  • The process dialog is now displayed when a large model is compiled.
  • COPASI reports now problems with incorrectly defined kinetic laws or rules during load or SBML import.
  • Fixed problem loading of corrupted Gepasi files.
  • Created an error message warning the user of undefined independent data for parameter estimation.
  • Fixed occasional crashes caused by changing a slider's object.

To view more new features and bug fixes introduced since the last stable release COPASI 4.0 (Build 18) please have a look at: COPASI 4.0.19 (development) and COPASI 4.0.20 (development).