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Change History | COPASI 4.0.20 (development)

COPASI 4.0.20 (development)

Version 4.0.20 (development)

Release Date: February 9, 2007

New Features

  • New optimization methods Particle Swarm.
  • New Sensitivities Task in the multiple task section.
  • Intel support for MacOS X through universal binaries.

Bug Fixes

  • Units are now also shown for Mass Action kinetics.
  • Improved format for kinetic parameters in Madonna export.
  • Fixed problem where the GUI might stop responding after overnight calculations.
  • The slider dialog no longer interferes with other COPASI windows.
  • Improved SBML import of rules.
  • Corrected list of reactions involving the currently shown metabolite.
  • Fixed problem with delayed output for time course task.
  • Enhanced layout of single function display to give more space to the formula.
  • Prevented hanging of COPASI in rare situations when entering the single function display.
  • Fixed problems where deletion of compartments, metabolites, or reactions might COPASI to crash.
  • Enhanced display and handling of weights in the experimental data dialog so that copy settings works as expected by the user.
  • Fixed problem where repeated SBML export might lead to COPASI crashes.
  • Start values are no working correctly for optimization. Previously only parameter estimation was recognizing these values.
  • Various improvements to the steady state task, including an additional Newton step to improve numerical stability.