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Change History | COPASI (4.0 Build 11 test version)

COPASI (4.0 Build 11 test version)

COPASI (4.0 Build 11 test version)

Release Date: Dec. 19, 2004

New Features

  • Metabolic Control Analysis has been implemented
  • Installation directory structures made compatible in all architectures (so windows users, please uninstall older version, otherwise zombie files will stay in your disk!)
  • A message is now displayed in the Steady State widget indicating when a steady state has not been found
  • Solaris SPARC version was added to the list of available binary builds

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes there would be big rounding errors on setting initial concentrations, fixed.
  • COPASI was not properly escaping special characters in the SBML export, resulting in invalid SBML files when such special characters were used.
  • Plot name was not being updated on the plot window if it was changed.
  • Some model objects would be created in duplicate if "Save As" was run before committing a newly created object.
  • SBML import would be confused by if a species name was "Pi" (as this was interpreted as the number 3.1415926...)
  • Fixed a bug in the Plot window, which was confusing curves from different plots (if more than one plot was active)
  • Fixed a minor bug relating to change of focus on listviews using the tab key.
  • The COPASI image display was corrupted on the Windows version.