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Change History | COPASI (4.0 Build 10 test version)

COPASI (4.0 Build 10 test version)

(4.0 Build 10 test version)

Release Date: Nov. 4, 2004

New Features

  • "new function" button in reaction dialog is now functional.
  • Dialog box now asks user if s/he wants to save file prior to running a task on an unsaved file.
  • A progress bar is now shown when loading/saving files (important for very large files).

Bug Fixes

  • Adding metabolites without having added a compartment first no longer crashes COPASI.
  • Changes in initial concentrations of "fixed" metabolites were not passed to the simulation engine. This has been fixed.
  • Calculation of elementary modes did not work for large models; this is now working.
  • COPASI no longer crashes when reading certain Gepasi files.
  • Object Browser dialog has been moved to the tools menu.
  • Crashes when deleting the last metabolite, reaction or compartment have been fixed.
  • Crash when canceling the save process in the time course results table has been fixed.
  • COPASI no longer crashes when opening incomplete or invalid SBML files.
  • Simple Wizard now works on windows version.
  • Metabolites can no longer have empty names
  • Fixed a bug in the object browser that would crash COPASI if "root" was checked and Ok pressed.
  • COPASI added whitespace at the top of the comments every time a file was saved, this is now fixed.
  • "Stability analysis" is now inactive if the user did not request calculation of Jacobian.