COPASI API  4.40.278
CLGroupAttributes Struct Reference

#include <utility_classes.h>

Public Member Functions

 CLGroupAttributes ()
 CLGroupAttributes (const CLGroupAttributes &src)
CLGroupAttributesoperator= (const CLGroupAttributes &src)
 ~CLGroupAttributes ()

Public Attributes

std::string mEndHead
std::string mFill
CLGraphicalPrimitive2D::FILL_RULE mFillRule
std::string mFontFamily
CLRelAbsVector mFontSize
CLText::FONT_STYLE mFontStyle
CLText::FONT_WEIGHT mFontWeight
double mHeight
double * mpTransform
std::string mStartHead
std::string mStroke
std::vector< unsigned int > mStrokeDasharray
double mStrokeWidth
CLText::TEXT_ANCHOR mTextAnchor
CLText::TEXT_ANCHOR mVTextAnchor
double mWidth
double mX
double mY
double mZ

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CLGroupAttributes() [1/2]

CLGroupAttributes::CLGroupAttributes ( )

Constructor that fills all values with default attributes.

References CLTransformation::getIdentityMatrix(), and mpTransform.

◆ ~CLGroupAttributes()

CLGroupAttributes::~CLGroupAttributes ( )

Destructor that deletes the memory used for the transformation array.

References mpTransform.

◆ CLGroupAttributes() [2/2]

CLGroupAttributes::CLGroupAttributes ( const CLGroupAttributes src)

Copy constructor.

References mpTransform.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

Member Data Documentation

◆ mEndHead

◆ mFill

std::string CLGroupAttributes::mFill

◆ mFillRule

◆ mFontFamily

std::string CLGroupAttributes::mFontFamily

◆ mFontSize

CLRelAbsVector CLGroupAttributes::mFontSize

◆ mFontStyle

CLText::FONT_STYLE CLGroupAttributes::mFontStyle

◆ mFontWeight

CLText::FONT_WEIGHT CLGroupAttributes::mFontWeight

◆ mHeight

◆ mpTransform

◆ mStartHead

◆ mStroke

◆ mStrokeDasharray

std::vector<unsigned int> CLGroupAttributes::mStrokeDasharray

◆ mStrokeWidth

◆ mTextAnchor

◆ mVTextAnchor

◆ mWidth

◆ mX

◆ mY

◆ mZ

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