COPASI API  4.40.278
CLRelAbsVector Class Reference

#include <CLRelAbsVector.h>

Public Member Functions

 CLRelAbsVector (const RelAbsVector &source)
 CLRelAbsVector (const std::string &coordString)
 CLRelAbsVector (double a=0.0, double r=0.0)
double getAbsoluteValue () const
double getRelativeValue () const
bool operator!= (const CLRelAbsVector &other) const
CLRelAbsVector operator+ (const CLRelAbsVector &other) const
CLRelAbsVector operator/ (double x) const
CLRelAbsVectoroperator= (const CLRelAbsVector &src)
bool operator== (const CLRelAbsVector &other) const
void setAbsoluteValue (double abs)
void setCoordinate (const std::string &coordString)
void setCoordinate (double abs, double rel=0.0)
void setRelativeValue (double rel)
RelAbsVector * toSBML () const
std::string toString () const

Protected Attributes

double mAbs
double mRel

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CLRelAbsVector() [1/3]

CLRelAbsVector::CLRelAbsVector ( double  a = 0.0,
double  r = 0.0 

Constructor with two values. First value sets the absolute value, econd sets the relative value.

Referenced by operator+(), and operator/().

◆ CLRelAbsVector() [2/3]

CLRelAbsVector::CLRelAbsVector ( const std::string &  coordString)

Constructor with a string. The string has to be parsed. If the string does not represent a valid value, the relative and the absolute component of the CLRelAbsVector are set to NaN.

Constructor with two values. First value sets the absolute value, econd sets the relative value.

References setCoordinate().

◆ CLRelAbsVector() [3/3]

CLRelAbsVector::CLRelAbsVector ( const RelAbsVector &  source)

Constructor to generate object from the corresponding SBML object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAbsoluteValue()

◆ getRelativeValue()

◆ operator!=()

bool CLRelAbsVector::operator!= ( const CLRelAbsVector other) const

◆ operator+()

CLRelAbsVector CLRelAbsVector::operator+ ( const CLRelAbsVector other) const

addition operator

References CLRelAbsVector(), mAbs, and mRel.

◆ operator/()

CLRelAbsVector CLRelAbsVector::operator/ ( double  x) const

division by a double.

References CLRelAbsVector(), mAbs, and mRel.

◆ operator=()

CLRelAbsVector & CLRelAbsVector::operator= ( const CLRelAbsVector src)

References mAbs, and mRel.

◆ operator==()

bool CLRelAbsVector::operator== ( const CLRelAbsVector other) const

References mAbs, and mRel.

◆ setAbsoluteValue()

void CLRelAbsVector::setAbsoluteValue ( double  abs)

Sets the absolute coordinate value.

References abs, and mAbs.

◆ setCoordinate() [1/2]

void CLRelAbsVector::setCoordinate ( const std::string &  coordString)

Sets the coordiantes from the given string.

References mAbs, and mRel.

◆ setCoordinate() [2/2]

void CLRelAbsVector::setCoordinate ( double  abs,
double  rel = 0.0 

Sets the coordiantes.

References abs, mAbs, and mRel.

Referenced by CLRelAbsVector().

◆ setRelativeValue()

void CLRelAbsVector::setRelativeValue ( double  rel)

Sets the relative coordinate value.

References mRel.

◆ toSBML()

RelAbsVector * CLRelAbsVector::toSBML ( ) const

◆ toString()

Member Data Documentation

◆ mAbs

◆ mRel

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