COPASI API  4.40.278
CMathContext Class Reference

#include <CMathContext.h>

Inheritance diagram for CMathContext:

Public Types

typedef CPointerContext< CMathContainerBase
- Public Types inherited from CPointerContext< CMathContainer >
typedef CContext< CMathContainer * > Base

Public Member Functions

 CMathContext ()=delete
 CMathContext (const bool &parallel)
 CMathContext (const CMathContext &src)=delete
void sync ()
 ~CMathContext ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CPointerContext< CMathContainer >
 CPointerContext ()=delete
 CPointerContext (const bool &parallel)
 CPointerContext (const CPointerContext &src)=delete
void setMaster (CMathContainer *pMaster)
 ~CPointerContext ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CContext< Data >
Data & active ()
const Data & active () const
Data * beginThread ()
const Data * beginThread () const
 CContext (const bool &parallel=true)
 CContext (const CContext &src)
Data * endThread ()
const Data * endThread () const
int globalIndex (const Data *data) const
void init ()
bool isMaster (const Data *data) const
bool isThread (const Data *data) const
int localIndex (const Data *data) const
Data & master ()
const Data & master () const
CContextoperator= (const CContext &rhs)
bool operator== (const CContext &rhs) const
void release ()
const size_t & size () const
 ~CContext ()

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Base

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CMathContext() [1/3]

CMathContext::CMathContext ( )

◆ CMathContext() [2/3]

CMathContext::CMathContext ( const CMathContext src)

◆ CMathContext() [3/3]

CMathContext::CMathContext ( const bool &  parallel)

◆ ~CMathContext()

CMathContext::~CMathContext ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ sync()

void CMathContext::sync ( )

Set the pointer to container used for calculations

References CContext< Data >::beginThread(), CMathContainer::copy(), CContext< Data >::endThread(), and CContext< Data >::master().

Referenced by COptMethod::initialize().

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