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Predefined Reports

For some of the calculation tasks predefined reports exist in COPASI. They are automatically created when COPASI is started or when a file is loaded that does not already contain them. These reports have the same name as the task they are suitable for. E.g. the predefined report for Steady-State calculations is Steady-State. The predefined reports print a description of the settings you provided for the calculation, usually (if it applies for the specific calculation) a table with intermediate results, and in the end a detailed report of the result. The report definitions can be changed or deleted using the mechanism described in the section. If you changed one of the predefined reports and want to go back to the original, just delete the report definition and save the file. When you load it again the current missing default report will be generated automatically.

If you want to use the predefined reports you have to make sure that the report is selected for a task and that a file name is associated with the report. For this you can use the Report button as described in the sections about the specific calculation tasks.