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Tutorial Wizard

COPASI also includes a short tutorial on how you create a model and run a time course simulation with plotting. You can start the wizard from the help menu. The corresponding menu entry is called Simple Wizard.

On the left side of the wizard there are six buttons that correspond to the six steps. When you first open the wizard, step one is selected and the widget on the right shows some documentation that you should read and possibly repeat the steps explained. Once you are finished with step 1, you can either click directly on the button that corresponds to step 2, or you can click the forward button which will always bring you to the next step. If you would like to reread something from an earlier step, you can move to the specific step with the buttons or use the forward and back buttons to navigate.

The wizard leads you in six steps from creating a model to doing a time course simulation of the model and plotting the results of the time course.

Tutorial Wizard