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Exporting Berkeley Madonna Files

Berkeley Madonna is a widely used commercial modeling and simulation tool for the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The input to Berkeley Madonna is a file that basically consists of a set of parameters, initial values, function definitions and ordinary differential equations. COPASI can generate these ordinary differential equations from the reactions of the model and export them together with the needed parameters in a format suitable to be read into Berkeley Madonna.

Since the way ordinary differential equations are specified is similar between different programs that take such input, it should be rather easy to adjust the exported file for import in other programs as for example the free XPPaut program or even Mathematica.

In order to export the set of differential equations to a Berkeley Madonna file, you select the Export ODEs menu entry from COPASI's File menu. In the save dialog that shows up, you select Berkeley Madonna Files (*.mmd) from the File type drop down and specify the name of the file you want to write the ODEs to. After clicking on the Save the ODEs will be saved to the specified file.