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Technical Documentation | COPASI URL Scheme


Starting with COPASI 4.26, COPASI does include a protocoll hanlder for the copasi:// protocol. This allows to open COPASI directly from the Browser, by clicking an according link. The following verbs are supported:

  • downloadUrl: the URL to the COPASI / SBML / Combine Archive to open
  • activate: the name of model element or task to select after opening the file
  • createPlot: the name of the plot to create
  • runTask: the task to execute

Should the COPASI file specify a report filename, that one will be removed (so as to not accidentally overwrite files on your drives).

COPASI Url Generator

The full url to a COPASI or SBML file to be opened in COPASI. Like (click on the bold text to set the url)
Any COAPSI task or element name that should be activated after the file is opened. Like Time Course. (click on the bold text to set)
If wanted, a plot can be automatically generated for the time course data.
If wanted, any COPASI task could be launched automatically.

Generated parameters

The following url parameters were selected above:



Starting with release 4.31 of COPASI the protocoll handlers are automatically installed upon installation of COPASI.