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Installation | Mac OS X

Mac OS X

Mac OS X Installation

  1. Download the Mac OS X installation package. As of COPASI 4.35 there are 3 installation packages for macOS available:
    • COPASI-VERSION-Darwin-arm.dmg: A macOS version for macOS Monterey and m1 architecture.
    • COPASI-VERSION-Darwin-intel.dmg: A macOS version for macOS Monterey and intel x64 architecture.
    • COPASI-VERSION-Darwin.dmg: A macOS version for older macs
  2. Double click on the icon for the downloaded image; this will open it and allow you to copy the COPASI folder to /Applications.
  3. CopasiUI can be found under Applications/COPASI. CopasiSE maybe started in the command line.

Launching CopasiUI

On newer macOS versions, several security prompts will be issued, when starting CopasiUI for the first time.

  • Confirmation Prompt 1

    After a click on OK, start the System Preference Menu, and navigate to the Security tab:

  • Confirmation Prompt 2

    Here CopasiUI will be listed, as having tried to be opened. Click on Open Anyway so that CopasiUI can be started in the future.

  • Now start CopasiUI again, and you will see this confirmation prompt.

    Confirmation Prompt 3

    After a click on Open, Copasi can finally be started.