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Change History | COPASI 4.2.24 (development)

COPASI 4.2.24 (development)

Version 4.2.24 (development)

Release Date: January 9, 2008

New Features

  • Support of initial assignments for compartments, metabolites, and global quantities.
  • Two new optimization methods Truncated Newton and Praxis.
  • The switch between the display of concentrations or particle numbers is now conveniently located in the tool bar.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem in the model analyzer which lead to incorrect classification of reversible kinetic laws.
  • The trajectory task is now able to integrate models, which do not contain any reactions and ODEs
  • Fixed problem in steady state calculation for models with changing volumes.
  • Steady State calculation may have returned negative particle numbers or volumes though the user opted to exclude such states.
  • Improved the GUI for the Steady State result to include a list of compartments.
  • Corrected error in the optimization method Steepest Decent, which only occurred in optimization but not in parameter estimation.
  • Enhanced the randomization of start values for large intervals containing 0.
  • Corrected problem in which COPASI overwrote existing files though the user chose to cancel the saving or export process.
  • Improved error and warning messages created during SBML import.
  • Fixed crash occurring in models imported from SBML, which used functions that contained special character such as * and + in the variable names.
  • Fixed problem loading SBML files containing functions which listed more arguments than where used in the function.
  • Improved handling of units when importing SBML to support a wider range of models.

Known Issues

  • In rare occasion COPASI may crash during SBML import. This is due to some problems in libsbml from which COPASI is not able to recover. If you encounter such a problem please contact us as we are working with the libsbml team to correct these issues and any feedback will accelerate the process.