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Change History | COPASI 4.44 (Build 295)

COPASI 4.44 (Build 295)

Version 4.44.295

Release Date: July 8, 2024

Bug Fixes since COPASI 4.43 (Build 288)

  • Command Line (CopasiSE)
    • No files are created or modified when the option --validate is given.
  • Simulation Engine
    • Time Course Task: The methods RADAU5 now correctly supports the option Suppress Output Before ...
    • Time Course Task: The hybrid methods Hybrid LSODA & Hybrid Runge-Kutta now supports automatic step size correctly.
    • Optimization and Parameter Estimation Tasks: The method Praxis now correctly terminates if the if solution is within the tolerance.
    • Parameter Estimation Task: The Method Evolution Strategy (SRES) now checks the functional constraints like other methods.
    • Metabolic Control Analysis and Linear Noise Approximation Tasks: The result now contains the Steady-State result.