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JigCell Run Manager download

The packages available on this page are provided under the Artistic License 2.0, which is an OSI approved license.
This license allows non-commercial and commercial use free of charge.

Latest Stable Versions: 2.0 (Test release)

The latest stable version of JC-MSMB is Version 2.0 (includes JC-Run Manager extension) and was released on September 5, 2014.

Installer: multi platform installer (*) (**)
(*) Note: you need to be connected to the Internet to run the installation because the installer will automatically download the right packages for the platform you are using (Windows (32 or 64), Linux (32 or 64) or Mac OSX).
(**) Requires Java 6

You do not need administrative permission on your machine as the software does not write files in any system directory nor it requires changes in the registry. However the installation needs to be able to write files somewhere in the system, so you need to have writing rights in the installation directory.
JC-MSMB can be installed in any directory where writing rights are granted (e.g., the local 'User' directory, 'Desktop', etc.). A default directory is chosen by the installer (e.g., 'Program Files' for a Windows system) but the user can easily select a different directory using the 'Browse' button and proceed with the installation in a different directory.

Notes to start JC-MSMB:
  • for Window users: double click on the JCMSMB.jar file.
  • for Mac users: double click on the JCMSMB_launcher.command file
  • for Linux users: double click on the file

Source code of JC-MSMB (includes JC-RM extension): available from GitHub

If you have any trouble with the installer or compiling the source code, please send an email to alida [dot] palmisano [at] gmail [dot] com