SBML Package for Network Diagrams

Stefan Hoops: 2013-08-20 02:44:00 +0000

SBML Level 3 Layout Package was officially released.

On August 13 2013 the SBML Level 3 Layout Package was officially released and has become one of the COMBINE standards. The COPASI team was the major driver in this effort with the first proposals being made almost 10 years back by Ralph Gauges and Sven Sahle. COPASI is one of the reference implementations of the Layout Package, and users can find it in COPASI under the Diagrams branch of the model tree. COPASI is also able to import SBML models created with CellDesigner and convert that proprietary format into the SBML Layout format.

The full specification is: Ralph Gauges, Ursula Rost, Sven Sahle, Katja Wengler and Frank T. Bergmann. Layout, Version 1 Release 1. (2013) is available from COMBINE.