COPASI video tutorials on YouTube

Pedro Mendes: 2010-10-09 11:02:00 +0000

A new series of COPASI video tutorials has started on the YouTube channel: CopasiTutorials

A new form of documentation on how to use COPASI is now available: video tutorials. We have started publishing a series of tutorials on YouTube to act as practical hands-on demonstrations. This complements the existing online documentation and user forum. The series will consist of short videos, each one focused on a single topic. Two videos have already appeared: an overall introduction to COPASI’s features, and a tutorial on how to create models with COPASI.

The YouTube channel for these videos is CopasiTutorials, and the two available videos are Introduction to COPASI and COPASI Model Creation.

New tutorials are already planned and will be posted soon, while many others will be created in the future. Subscribe to CopasiTutorials if you use YouTube, or else visit the Video Tutorials page where they are on display.