COPASI 4.6 (Build-32) language bindings

gauges: 2010-07-27 07:48:00 +0000

COPASI 4.6 (Build-32) language bindings

Following the release for a new stable version of COPASI (Build 32) we have released a new version of the language bindings for COPASI.

The new version of the language bindings brings some new features, especially with respect to handling matrices (e.g. the jacobian matrix). Some new examples and updated documentation show how these new features can be used.

Naturally the new language bindings benefit from all the bugfixes mentioned in the release notes of COPASI 4.6 (Build 32).

We also increased the number of binaries we provide, so now there are also java and python binaries for use with MacOS X 10.6 alias Snow Leopard. These come in versions for 32Bit as well as 64Bit systems.