Language Bindings for COPASI 4.5 (Build 30)

gauges: 2009-04-17 03:03:00 +0000

New language bindings for Build 30 released

New Java and Python language bindings for Version 4.5 (Build 30) of COPASI have been made available for download as binaries and source packages. These language bindings allow programmers to use most of COPASI functionality from the Java and Python programming languages.

New features of this release are the possibility to run parameter estimation tasks as well as new documentation and examples.

The current release has the following features:

  • support for loading and saving COPASI files
  • import and export of SBML files
  • building and editing of models
  • time course simulations (deterministic and stochastic)
  • steady state analysis
  • parameter scan
  • optimization
  • parameter estimation

The bindings are released under the same license as the rest of the COPASI binaries and they are currently unsupported.

There is new documentation (Java, Python and C++) and a few complete examples that demonstrate how to run time course simulations, parameter scans, optimizations and parameter estimation tasks as well as how to modify models, load models from SBML files or COPASI files and how to save them to those file formats.

If you are having problems in getting the bindings to work or in getting them to do what you want, please consider posting to the user support forum so that other user may benefit from your experience.

If you find something that is clearly a bug or that there is an error in the documentation, please let us know either by email to or by submitting an issue report to the COPASI Issue Tracker. This would help us to bring the bindings to a state where we can support them in the same way as the COPASI binaries.