COPASI API  4.40.278
CScanItem Class Referenceabstract

#include <CScanMethod.h>

Inheritance diagram for CScanItem:

Public Member Functions

size_t getNumSteps () const
const CObjectInterfacegetObject () const
bool isFinished () const
virtual bool isNesting () const
virtual bool isValidScanItem (const bool &continueFromCurrentState)
void reset ()
void restoreValue () const
virtual void step ()=0
void storeValue ()
virtual ~CScanItem ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CScanItemcreateScanItemFromParameterGroup (CCopasiParameterGroup *si, CRandom *rg)

Protected Member Functions

 CScanItem (CCopasiParameterGroup *si)
virtual void ensureParameterGroupHasAllElements (CCopasiParameterGroup *pg)

Protected Attributes

bool mFlagFinished
size_t mIndex
size_t mNumSteps
const CObjectInterfacempObject
C_FLOAT64 mStoreValue

Private Member Functions

 CScanItem ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~CScanItem()

CScanItem::~CScanItem ( )

◆ CScanItem() [1/2]

◆ CScanItem() [2/2]

CScanItem::CScanItem ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ createScanItemFromParameterGroup()

CScanItem * CScanItem::createScanItemFromParameterGroup ( CCopasiParameterGroup si,
CRandom rg 

CScanMethod class. This class describes the Scan method

Created for COPASI by Rohan Luktuke 2002

References C_INT32, CCopasiParameterGroup::getValue(), CScanProblem::SCAN_LINEAR, CScanProblem::SCAN_RANDOM, and CScanProblem::SCAN_REPEAT.

Referenced by CScanMethod::init(), and CScanMethod::isValidProblem().

◆ ensureParameterGroupHasAllElements()

void CScanItem::ensureParameterGroupHasAllElements ( CCopasiParameterGroup pg)

◆ getNumSteps()

size_t CScanItem::getNumSteps ( ) const

References mNumSteps.

Referenced by CScanMethod::init().

◆ getObject()

const CObjectInterface * CScanItem::getObject ( ) const

Retrieve the initial object which is scanned.

const CObjectInterface * object

References mpObject.

Referenced by CScanMethod::init().

◆ isFinished()

bool CScanItem::isFinished ( ) const

References mFlagFinished.

Referenced by CScanMethod::loop().

◆ isNesting()

bool CScanItem::isNesting ( ) const

Reimplemented in CScanItemRandom.

Referenced by CScanMethod::loop().

◆ isValidScanItem()

bool CScanItem::isValidScanItem ( const bool &  continueFromCurrentState)

perform checks. This is used in the method::isValidProblem() method. It returns false for an invalid ScanItem and generates a CCopasiMessage

Reimplemented in CScanItemLinear, and CScanItemRepeat.

References CCopasiMessage::ERROR, and mpObject.

Referenced by CScanMethod::isValidProblem(), and CScanItemLinear::isValidScanItem().

◆ reset()

void CScanItem::reset ( )

References mFlagFinished, mIndex, and step().

Referenced by CScanMethod::loop().

◆ restoreValue()

void CScanItem::restoreValue ( ) const

References mpObjectValue, and mStoreValue.

◆ step()

virtual void CScanItem::step ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in CScanItemRandom, CScanItemLinear, and CScanItemRepeat.

Referenced by CScanMethod::loop(), and reset().

◆ storeValue()

void CScanItem::storeValue ( )

References mpObjectValue, and mStoreValue.

Member Data Documentation

◆ mFlagFinished

bool CScanItem::mFlagFinished

◆ mIndex

size_t CScanItem::mIndex

◆ mNumSteps

◆ mpObject

const CObjectInterface* CScanItem::mpObject

◆ mpObjectValue

C_FLOAT64* CScanItem::mpObjectValue

◆ mStoreValue

C_FLOAT64 CScanItem::mStoreValue

Referenced by restoreValue(), and storeValue().

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