COPASI API  4.40.278
CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements Class Reference

#include <CModelExpansion.h>

Public Member Functions

void addCompartment (const CCompartment *x)
void addEvent (const CEvent *x)
void addGlobalQuantity (const CModelValue *x)
void addMetab (const CMetab *x)
bool addObject (const CDataObject *x)
void addReaction (const CReaction *x)
bool contains (const CDataObject *x) const
bool contains (const std::string &key) const
void fillComplete (const CModel *pModel)
void fillDependencies (const CModel *pModel)
void setModel (const CModel *x)

Public Attributes

std::set< const CCompartment * > mCompartments
std::set< const CEvent * > mEvents
std::set< const CModelValue * > mGlobalQuantities
std::set< const CMetab * > mMetabs
const CModelmpModel {NULL}
std::set< const CReaction * > mReactions

Detailed Description

This class describes a set of model elements that are supposed to be duplicated. The second element in each of the pairs is used temporarily to hold the copy.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addCompartment()

void CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::addCompartment ( const CCompartment x)

References mCompartments.

Referenced by CModelExpansion::simpleCall().

◆ addEvent()

void CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::addEvent ( const CEvent x)

◆ addGlobalQuantity()

void CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::addGlobalQuantity ( const CModelValue x)

◆ addMetab()

void CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::addMetab ( const CMetab x)

◆ addObject()

bool CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::addObject ( const CDataObject x)

◆ addReaction()

void CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::addReaction ( const CReaction x)

◆ contains() [1/2]

bool CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::contains ( const CDataObject x) const

◆ contains() [2/2]

bool CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::contains ( const std::string &  key) const

◆ fillComplete()

void CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::fillComplete ( const CModel pModel)

◆ fillDependencies()

void CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::fillDependencies ( const CModel pModel)

Determines which other object have to be duplicated based on those already present.

References CModel::appendAllDependents(), CDataContainer::getDescendants(), and CModelExpansion::mpModel.

Referenced by CModelExpansion::existDependentEntities(), and CModelExpansion::simpleCall().

◆ setModel()

void CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::setModel ( const CModel x)

Member Data Documentation

◆ mCompartments

std::set<const CCompartment*> CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::mCompartments

◆ mEvents

std::set<const CEvent*> CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::mEvents

◆ mGlobalQuantities

std::set<const CModelValue*> CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::mGlobalQuantities

◆ mMetabs

std::set<const CMetab*> CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::mMetabs

◆ mpModel

const CModel* CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::mpModel {NULL}

◆ mReactions

std::set<const CReaction*> CModelExpansion::SetOfModelElements::mReactions

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