COPASI API  4.40.278
CFunctionParameterMap Class Reference

#include <CCallParameters.h>

Public Member Functions

CIssue addCallParameter (const std::string paramName, const CDataObject *obj)
 CFunctionParameterMap ()
 CFunctionParameterMap (const CFunctionParameterMap &src)
void clearCallParameter (const std::string paramName)
size_t findParameterByName (const std::string &name, const CFunctionParameter **ppFunctionParameter=NULL) const
const CFunctionParametersgetFunctionParameters () const
CCallParameters< CDataObject > & getObjects ()
const CCallParameters< CDataObject > & getObjects () const
std::vector< const CDataObject * > getObjects (const size_t &index) const
CCallParameters< C_FLOAT64 > & getPointers ()
const CCallParameters< C_FLOAT64 > & getPointers () const
void initializeFromFunctionParameters (const CFunctionParameters &src)
void removeCallParameter (const std::string paramName, const CDataObject *obj)
CIssue setCallParameter (const std::string paramName, const CDataObject *obj)
 ~CFunctionParameterMap ()

Static Public Attributes

static CDataObjectpUnmappedObject = NULL

Private Member Functions

void checkCallParameters () const
void clearCallParameters ()
void initCallParameters ()

Private Attributes

CCallParameters< CDataObjectmObjects
CCallParameters< C_FLOAT64mPointers

Detailed Description


This class describes how a reaction fills the call parameters of a function. It is generated from a CFunctionParameters object. The reaction provides what exactly is to be passed as function parameters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CFunctionParameterMap() [1/2]

CFunctionParameterMap::CFunctionParameterMap ( )

References C_FLOAT64, and pUnmappedObject.

◆ CFunctionParameterMap() [2/2]

CFunctionParameterMap::CFunctionParameterMap ( const CFunctionParameterMap src)

◆ ~CFunctionParameterMap()

CFunctionParameterMap::~CFunctionParameterMap ( )


References clearCallParameters(), mpFunctionParameters, and pdelete.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addCallParameter()

◆ checkCallParameters()

void CFunctionParameterMap::checkCallParameters ( ) const

◆ clearCallParameter()

void CFunctionParameterMap::clearCallParameter ( const std::string  paramName)

Removes all objects from a specific parameter vector. Works only if the parameter is a vector.

References C_INVALID_INDEX, CCallParameters< Type >::clear(), fatalError, findParameterByName(), CFunctionParameter::getType(), mObjects, mPointers, and CFunctionParameter::VINT32.

Referenced by CReaction::compileFunctionParameters().

◆ clearCallParameters()

void CFunctionParameterMap::clearCallParameters ( )

◆ findParameterByName()

size_t CFunctionParameterMap::findParameterByName ( const std::string &  name,
const CFunctionParameter **  ppFunctionParameter = NULL 
) const

◆ getFunctionParameters()

◆ getObjects() [1/3]

CCallParameters<CDataObject>& CFunctionParameterMap::getObjects ( )

◆ getObjects() [2/3]

const CCallParameters< CDataObject > & CFunctionParameterMap::getObjects ( ) const

References mObjects.

◆ getObjects() [3/3]

std::vector< const CDataObject * > CFunctionParameterMap::getObjects ( const size_t &  index) const

◆ getPointers() [1/2]

CCallParameters< C_FLOAT64 > & CFunctionParameterMap::getPointers ( )

References mPointers.

Referenced by CReaction::getCallParameters().

◆ getPointers() [2/2]

const CCallParameters< C_FLOAT64 > & CFunctionParameterMap::getPointers ( ) const

References mPointers.

◆ initCallParameters()

void CFunctionParameterMap::initCallParameters ( )

Create the mPointers and mObjects vectors with type information from the CFunctionParameters object.

References mObjects, mpFunctionParameters, mPointers, CCallParameters< Type >::resize(), CFunctionParameters::size(), and CFunctionParameter::VINT32.

Referenced by initializeFromFunctionParameters().

◆ initializeFromFunctionParameters()

void CFunctionParameterMap::initializeFromFunctionParameters ( const CFunctionParameters src)

Initializes a CallParameters object from a CFunctionParameters object.

References clearCallParameters(), initCallParameters(), mpFunctionParameters, NO_PARENT, and pdelete.

Referenced by CReaction::setFunction().

◆ removeCallParameter()

void CFunctionParameterMap::removeCallParameter ( const std::string  paramName,
const CDataObject obj 

Removes an object from a specific parameter vector. Works only if the parameter is a vector

◆ setCallParameter()

Member Data Documentation

◆ mObjects

CCallParameters<CDataObject> CFunctionParameterMap::mObjects

This is a vector of pointers to objects. Each objects needs to have a value that can be passed to a function

Referenced by addCallParameter(), CFunctionParameterMap(), checkCallParameters(), clearCallParameter(), clearCallParameters(), getObjects(), initCallParameters(), and setCallParameter().

◆ mpFunctionParameters

◆ mPointers

CCallParameters<C_FLOAT64> CFunctionParameterMap::mPointers

This is a vector of pointers to the data that is passed to a function

Referenced by addCallParameter(), CFunctionParameterMap(), checkCallParameters(), clearCallParameter(), clearCallParameters(), getPointers(), initCallParameters(), and setCallParameter().

◆ pUnmappedObject

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