COPASI API  4.40.278
CSensItem Class Reference

#include <CSensProblem.h>

Public Member Functions

 CSensItem ()
 CSensItem (CObjectLists::ListType type)
 CSensItem (const std::string &cn)
const CObjectLists::ListTypegetListType () const
std::string getListTypeDisplayName () const
const CCommonNamegetSingleObjectCN () const
std::string getSingleObjectDisplayName (const CDataModel *pDataModel) const
std::vector< CDataObject * > getVariablesPointerList (CDataModel *pDataModel)
bool isSingleObject () const
bool operator!= (const CSensItem &rhs) const
bool operator== (const CSensItem &rhs) const
std::string print (const CDataModel *pDataModel) const
void setListType (CObjectLists::ListType lt)
void setSingleObjectCN (const CCommonName &cn)

Private Attributes

CObjectLists::ListType mListType
CCommonName mSingleObjectCN

Detailed Description

This class describes either one specific COPASI object (represented by a registered object CN internally) or a list of objects (see CObjectLists class).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CSensItem() [1/3]

CSensItem::CSensItem ( )

◆ CSensItem() [2/3]

CSensItem::CSensItem ( const std::string &  cn)

◆ CSensItem() [3/3]

CSensItem::CSensItem ( CObjectLists::ListType  type)

Member Function Documentation

◆ getListType()

◆ getListTypeDisplayName()

std::string CSensItem::getListTypeDisplayName ( ) const

◆ getSingleObjectCN()

const CCommonName & CSensItem::getSingleObjectCN ( ) const

◆ getSingleObjectDisplayName()

std::string CSensItem::getSingleObjectDisplayName ( const CDataModel pDataModel) const

◆ getVariablesPointerList()

◆ isSingleObject()

◆ operator!=()

bool CSensItem::operator!= ( const CSensItem rhs) const

◆ operator==()

bool CSensItem::operator== ( const CSensItem rhs) const

◆ print()

std::string CSensItem::print ( const CDataModel pDataModel) const

Had to disable the output operator because the datamodel is needed to print a sensitivity item. std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &os, const CSensItem & si) { if (si.isSingleObject()) os << si.getSingleObjectDisplayName(); else os << si.getListTypeDisplayName();

return os; }

References getListTypeDisplayName(), getSingleObjectDisplayName(), and isSingleObject().

◆ setListType()

◆ setSingleObjectCN()

void CSensItem::setSingleObjectCN ( const CCommonName cn)

Member Data Documentation

◆ mListType

◆ mSingleObjectCN

CCommonName CSensItem::mSingleObjectCN

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