COPASI API  4.40.278
CMathDelay Class Reference

#include <CMathDelay.h>

Public Member Functions

void addValueObject (CMath::DelayValueData::iterator &itValueData, const size_t &index, CMathObject *pValueObject)
void calculateDelayValues (const bool &useMoieties)
 CMathDelay ()
void copy (const CMathDelay &src, CMathContainer &container)
void create (CMath::DelayData::iterator &itDelayData, const size_t &delayValueCount, CMathContainer &container, CMathObject *pLagObject)
void createUpdateSequences ()
void modifyMathObject (CMath::DelayValueData::iterator &itValueData, const size_t &index)
void relocate (const CMathContainer *pContainer, const std::vector< CMath::sRelocate > &relocations)
virtual ~CMathDelay ()

Private Attributes

CVector< CMathObject * > mValueObjects
CCore::CUpdateSequence mValueSequence
CCore::CUpdateSequence mValueSequenceReduced

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CMathDelay()

CMathDelay::CMathDelay ( )

Default Constructor

◆ ~CMathDelay()

CMathDelay::~CMathDelay ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ addValueObject()

void CMathDelay::addValueObject ( CMath::DelayValueData::iterator &  itValueData,
const size_t &  index,
CMathObject pValueObject 

Add a value object to the delay

CMath::DelayValueData::iterator& itValueData
constsize_t & index
CMathObject* pValueObject

References mpContainer, mValueObjects, CMathObject::setExpression(), and CVectorCore< CType >::size().

Referenced by CMathContainer::createDelays().

◆ calculateDelayValues()

void CMathDelay::calculateDelayValues ( const bool &  useMoieties)

Calculate the delay values.

constbool & useMoieties

References CMathContainer::applyUpdateSequence(), mpContainer, mValueSequence, and mValueSequenceReduced.

Referenced by CMathContainer::updateHistoryValues().

◆ copy()

void CMathDelay::copy ( const CMathDelay src,
CMathContainer container 

Copy an existing object

constCMathDelay & src
CMathContainer& container

◆ create()

void CMathDelay::create ( CMath::DelayData::iterator &  itDelayData,
const size_t &  delayValueCount,
CMathContainer container,
CMathObject pLagObject 

Create and compile the delay

CMath::DelayData::iterator& itDelayData
constsize_t & delayValueCount
CMathContainer& container
CMathObject* pLagObject

References mpContainer, mpLagObject, mValueObjects, CVector< CType >::resize(), and CMathObject::setExpression().

Referenced by CMathContainer::createDelays().

◆ createUpdateSequences()

◆ modifyMathObject()

void CMathDelay::modifyMathObject ( CMath::DelayValueData::iterator &  itValueData,
const size_t &  index 

Update the expression containing the delay

CMath::DelayValueData::iterator& itValueData
constsize_t & index

References CEvaluationTree::getInfix(), CMathObject::getValuePointer(), CEvaluationTree::isBoolean(), mpContainer, mpLagObject, mValueObjects, and pointerToString().

Referenced by CMathContainer::createDelays().

◆ relocate()

void CMathDelay::relocate ( const CMathContainer pContainer,
const std::vector< CMath::sRelocate > &  relocations 

The objects and values are relocated

constCMathContainer * pContainer
conststd::vector< CMath::sRelocate > & relocations

References CVectorCore< CType >::array(), mpLagObject, mValueObjects, CMathContainer::relocateObject(), and CVectorCore< CType >::size().

Member Data Documentation

◆ mpContainer

CMathContainer* CMathDelay::mpContainer

A pointer to the container the delay belongs to

Referenced by addValueObject(), calculateDelayValues(), create(), createUpdateSequences(), and modifyMathObject().

◆ mpLagObject

CMathObject* CMathDelay::mpLagObject

The object the lag of the delay

Referenced by create(), modifyMathObject(), and relocate().

◆ mValueObjects

CVector< CMathObject * > CMathDelay::mValueObjects

The object for the delayed value

Referenced by addValueObject(), create(), createUpdateSequences(), modifyMathObject(), and relocate().

◆ mValueSequence

CCore::CUpdateSequence CMathDelay::mValueSequence

The sequence of calculations required to determine the delayed value

Referenced by calculateDelayValues(), and createUpdateSequences().

◆ mValueSequenceReduced

CCore::CUpdateSequence CMathDelay::mValueSequenceReduced

The sequence of calculations required to determine the delayed value based on the reduced state

Referenced by calculateDelayValues(), and createUpdateSequences().

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