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CMathHistory Class Reference

#include <CMathHistory.h>

Inheritance diagram for CMathHistory:

Public Member Functions

 CMathHistory (const CMathHistory &src)
 CMathHistory (const CMathHistoryCore &src)
 CMathHistory (const size_t &rows=0, const size_t &cols=0, const size_t &colsAllocated=0)
CMathHistoryoperator= (const CMathHistory &rhs)
CMathHistoryoperator= (const CMathHistoryCore &rhs)
void resize (const size_t &rows, const size_t &cols, const size_t &colsAllocated)
virtual ~CMathHistory ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CMathHistoryCore
C_FLOAT64array ()
const C_FLOAT64array () const
 CMathHistoryCore (const size_t &rows=0, const size_t &cols=0, const size_t &colsAllocated=0, C_FLOAT64 *pArray=NULL)
const size_t & cols () const
const size_t & colsAllocated () const
const CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 > & getRow (const size_t &row)
void initialize (const CMathHistoryCore &src)
void initialize (const size_t &rows, const size_t &cols, const size_t &colsAllocated, C_FLOAT64 *pArray)
CMathHistoryCoreoperator= (const CMathHistoryCore &rhs)
C_FLOAT64operator[] (const size_t &row)
const size_t & rows () const
void setRow (const size_t &row, const CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 > &values)
const size_t & size () const
virtual ~CMathHistoryCore ()

Protected Member Functions

void copy (const CMathHistoryCore &src)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 >
bool applyPivot (const CVectorCore< size_t > &pivot)
C_FLOAT64array ()
const C_FLOAT64array () const
C_FLOAT64begin ()
const C_FLOAT64begin () const
 CVectorCore (const size_t &size=0, C_FLOAT64 *buffer=NULL)
C_FLOAT64end ()
const C_FLOAT64end () const
void initialize (const CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 > &src)
void initialize (const size_t &size, const C_FLOAT64 *vector)
C_FLOAT64operator() (const size_t &row)
const C_FLOAT64operator() (const size_t &row) const
CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 > & operator= (const C_FLOAT64 &value)
CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 > & operator= (const CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 > &rhs)
bool operator== (const CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 > &rhs) const
C_FLOAT64operator[] (const size_t &row)
const C_FLOAT64operator[] (const size_t &row) const
size_t size () const
virtual ~CVectorCore ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 >
typedef C_FLOAT64 elementType
- Protected Attributes inherited from CMathHistoryCore
size_t mCols
size_t mColsAllocated
size_t mRows
- Protected Attributes inherited from CVectorCore< C_FLOAT64 >
size_t mSize

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CMathHistory() [1/3]

CMathHistory::CMathHistory ( const size_t &  rows = 0,
const size_t &  cols = 0,
const size_t &  colsAllocated = 0 

◆ CMathHistory() [2/3]

CMathHistory::CMathHistory ( const CMathHistoryCore src)

References copy().

◆ CMathHistory() [3/3]

CMathHistory::CMathHistory ( const CMathHistory src)

References copy().

◆ ~CMathHistory()

CMathHistory::~CMathHistory ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ copy()

◆ operator=() [1/2]

CMathHistory & CMathHistory::operator= ( const CMathHistory rhs)

References copy().

◆ operator=() [2/2]

CMathHistory & CMathHistory::operator= ( const CMathHistoryCore rhs)

References copy().

◆ resize()

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