COPASI API  4.40.278
CMathDerive Class Reference

#include <CMathDerive.h>

Public Member Functions

 CMathDerive (const CMathContainer *pContainer, size_t fun, size_t var)
const CEvaluationNodegetRootNode ()
 just for testing More...

Private Member Functions

void initOneVar (size_t fun, size_t var)

Private Attributes

const CMathContainermpContainer

Detailed Description

This class contains all the information that is needed to calculate derivatives in a CMathContainer. When initialised (through a constructor) it sets up the expression for symbolic derivatives and also determines whether the derivative is constant (so that it is not reevaluated during simulations)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CMathDerive()

CMathDerive::CMathDerive ( const CMathContainer pContainer,
size_t  fun,
size_t  var 

References initOneVar().

Member Function Documentation

◆ getRootNode()

const CEvaluationNode * CMathDerive::getRootNode ( )

just for testing

References mpRootNode.

◆ initOneVar()

Member Data Documentation

◆ mpContainer

const CMathContainer* CMathDerive::mpContainer

Referenced by initOneVar().

◆ mpRootNode

CEvaluationNode* CMathDerive::mpRootNode

Referenced by getRootNode().

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