COPASI API  4.16.103
dgesl.h File Reference
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#define dgesl_(__a, __lda, __n, __ipvt, __b, __job)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define dgesl_ (   __a,
char __T = (*__job != (C_INT) 0) ? 'T': 'N'; \
C_INT __info; \
C_INT __one = 1; \
dgetrs_(&__T, __n, &__one, __a, __lda, __ipvt, __b, __n, &__info); \
#define C_INT
Definition: copasi.h:115
int dgetrs_(char *trans, integer *n, integer *nrhs, doublereal *a, integer *lda, integer *ipiv, doublereal *b, integer *ldb, integer *info)

This maps the linpack routine dgesl to the lapack routine dgetrs.

Definition at line 20 of file dgesl.h.

Referenced by CInternalSolver::dsolsy_().