COPASI API  4.40.278
COptLogEntry Class Reference

#include <COptLogEntry.h>

Public Member Functions

 COptLogEntry ()
 COptLogEntry (const std::string &header, const std::string &subtext="", const std::string &status="")
std::string getHeader () const
std::string getStatusDetails () const
std::string getSubtext () const
virtual ~COptLogEntry ()

Protected Attributes

std::string MsgHeader
std::string MsgSubtext
std::string StatusDump

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ COptLogEntry() [1/2]

COptLogEntry::COptLogEntry ( const std::string &  header,
const std::string &  subtext = "",
const std::string &  status = "" 


References LocalTimeStamp(), and MsgHeader.

◆ COptLogEntry() [2/2]

COptLogEntry::COptLogEntry ( )

COptLogEntry class Container for a log message created by the copasi optimization methods. Stores various variable for later compilation of a message string.

Written by Pedro Mendes, based on earlier code by Jonas F�rster

◆ ~COptLogEntry()

COptLogEntry::~COptLogEntry ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ getHeader()

std::string COptLogEntry::getHeader ( ) const

References MsgHeader.

◆ getStatusDetails()

std::string COptLogEntry::getStatusDetails ( ) const

References StatusDump.

◆ getSubtext()

std::string COptLogEntry::getSubtext ( ) const

References MsgSubtext.

Member Data Documentation

◆ MsgHeader

std::string COptLogEntry::MsgHeader

One message header

Referenced by COptLogEntry(), and getHeader().

◆ MsgSubtext

std::string COptLogEntry::MsgSubtext

One message subtext

Referenced by getSubtext().

◆ StatusDump

std::string COptLogEntry::StatusDump

A string containing further detailed information of the current state of the optimization method (optional).

Referenced by getStatusDetails().

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