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CLFontRendererBase Class Referenceabstract

#include <CLFontRendererBase.h>

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virtual std::pair< double, double > getTextureSize (const CLFontSpec &spec, const std::string &text)=0
virtual std::pair
< CLTextTextureSpec *, GLubyte * > 
operator() (const std::string &family, double fontSize, const std::string &text, CLText::FONT_WEIGHT weight=CLText::WEIGHT_NORMAL, CLText::FONT_STYLE style=CLText::STYLE_NORMAL, double zoomFactor=1.0)=0
virtual ~CLFontRendererBase ()

Detailed Description

A static abstract class that is the base class for a font renderer implementation.

Definition at line 35 of file CLFontRendererBase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual CLFontRendererBase::~CLFontRendererBase ( )


Definition at line 41 of file CLFontRendererBase.h.

41 {};

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::pair<double, double> CLFontRendererBase::getTextureSize ( const CLFontSpec spec,
const std::string &  text 
pure virtual

Returns the size for a font given a font, a text and a zoom factor.

Implemented in CQFontRenderer.

virtual std::pair<CLTextTextureSpec*, GLubyte*> CLFontRendererBase::operator() ( const std::string &  family,
double  fontSize,
const std::string &  text,
double  zoomFactor = 1.0 
pure virtual

Functor that returns a TextureSpec object with a texture for the given font family, font size font weight, font style and text. The caller is responsible to free the memory of the TextureSpec object and of the pData in the TextureSpec.

Implemented in CQFontRenderer.

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