COPASI API  4.40.278
CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor Class Reference

#include <CMathEvent.h>

Public Member Functions

void applyInitialValues ()
void calculateTrueValue ()
bool compile (CEvaluationNode *pRootNode, const bool &equality, CMathContainer &container)
void copy (const CRootProcessor &src, CMathContainer &container)
CEvaluationNodecreateTriggerExpressionNode () const
 CRootProcessor ()
 CRootProcessor (const CRootProcessor &src)
void initialize (CMath::sPointers &pointers)
const bool & isEquality () const
bool isTrue () const
void relocate (const CMathContainer *pContainer, const std::vector< CMath::sRelocate > &relocations)
void setDataObject (const CDataObject *pDataObject)
void toggle (const C_FLOAT64 &time)
void toggle (const C_FLOAT64 &time, const bool &equality)
 ~CRootProcessor ()

Public Attributes

bool mDiscrete
bool mEquality
C_FLOAT64 mLastToggleTime


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const CRootProcessor &o)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRootProcessor() [1/2]

CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::CRootProcessor ( )

Default constructor

◆ CRootProcessor() [2/2]

CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::CRootProcessor ( const CRootProcessor src)

Copy constructor

◆ ~CRootProcessor()

CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::~CRootProcessor ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ applyInitialValues()

void CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::applyInitialValues ( )

Initialize all values of the root processor.

◆ calculateTrueValue()

void CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::calculateTrueValue ( )

Determine the truth value for the current root.

◆ compile()

bool CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::compile ( CEvaluationNode pRootNode,
const bool &  equality,
CMathContainer container 

◆ copy()

void CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::copy ( const CRootProcessor src,
CMathContainer container 

Copy an existing object

constCRootProcessor & src
CMathContainer& container

Referenced by CMathEvent::CTrigger::copy().

◆ createTriggerExpressionNode()

CEvaluationNode * CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::createTriggerExpressionNode ( ) const

◆ initialize()

◆ isEquality()

const bool & CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::isEquality ( ) const

Check whether the root needs to be checked for equality;

const bool & isEquality

◆ isTrue()

bool CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::isTrue ( ) const

Check whether the root state is true

bool isTrue

◆ relocate()

void CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::relocate ( const CMathContainer pContainer,
const std::vector< CMath::sRelocate > &  relocations 

The objects and values are relocated

constCMathContainer * pContainer
conststd::vector< CMath::sRelocate > & relocations

References CMathContainer::relocateObject(), and CMathContainer::relocateValue().

Referenced by CMathEvent::CTrigger::relocate().

◆ setDataObject()

void CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::setDataObject ( const CDataObject pDataObject)

Set the pointer to the data object

constCDataObject * pDataObject

Referenced by CMathEvent::CTrigger::compile().

◆ toggle() [1/2]

void CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::toggle ( const C_FLOAT64 time)

Toggle the root status dependent on the processed equality status

constC_FLOAT64 & time

◆ toggle() [2/2]

void CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::toggle ( const C_FLOAT64 time,
const bool &  equality 

Toggle the root status dependent on the processed equality status

constC_FLOAT64 & time
constbool & equality
constbool & continuous

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const CRootProcessor o 

Member Data Documentation

◆ mDiscrete

bool CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::mDiscrete

◆ mEquality

bool CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::mEquality

◆ mLastToggleTime

C_FLOAT64 CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::mLastToggleTime

◆ mpRoot

CMathObject* CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::mpRoot

◆ mpRootState

CMathObject* CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::mpRootState

◆ mpRootStateValue

C_FLOAT64* CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::mpRootStateValue

◆ mpRootValue

C_FLOAT64* CMathEvent::CTrigger::CRootProcessor::mpRootValue

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