COPASI API  4.40.278
CMathContext Member List

This is the complete list of members for CMathContext, including all inherited members.

active()CContext< Data >
active() constCContext< Data >
Base typedefCMathContext
beginThread()CContext< Data >
beginThread() constCContext< Data >
CContext(const bool &parallel=true)CContext< Data >
CContext(const CContext &src)CContext< Data >
CMathContext(const CMathContext &src)=deleteCMathContext
CMathContext(const bool &parallel)CMathContext
CPointerContext()=deleteCPointerContext< CMathContainer >
CPointerContext(const CPointerContext &src)=deleteCPointerContext< CMathContainer >
CPointerContext(const bool &parallel)CPointerContext< CMathContainer >
endThread()CContext< Data >
endThread() constCContext< Data >
globalIndex(const Data *data) constCContext< Data >
init()CContext< Data >
isMaster(const Data *data) constCContext< Data >
isThread(const Data *data) constCContext< Data >
localIndex(const Data *data) constCContext< Data >
master()CContext< Data >
master() constCContext< Data >
mMasterDataCContext< Data >private
mParallelCContext< Data >private
mSizeCContext< Data >private
mThreadDataCContext< Data >private
operator=(const CContext &rhs)CContext< Data >
operator==(const CContext &rhs) constCContext< Data >
release()CContext< Data >
setMaster(CMathContainer *pMaster)CPointerContext< CMathContainer >
size() constCContext< Data >
~CContext()CContext< Data >
~CPointerContext()CPointerContext< CMathContainer >