ICSB 2018 Tutorial: Advanced modelling with COPASI

COPASI is a widely used software tool for creating, simulating and analyzing models of biochemical reaction networks. It is open source free software and available for all major operating systems. Its features include deterministic and stochastic simulation, steady state analysis, stoichiometric analysis, optimization and parameter estimation, time scale analysis, sensitivities and metabolic control analysis, Lyapunov exponents, linear noise approximation, etc. In the workshop we will demonstrate the use of advanced features of COPASI, focusing on parameter estimation and parameter identifiability analysis, and the use of COPASI from scripting languages. The developers of COPASI will also be available for the discussion of individual questions from the participants.


Frank T. Bergmann (Heidelberg University), Abhishekh Gupta (University of Connecticut), Stefan Hoops (Virginia Tech), Ursula Kummer (Heidelberg University), Pedro Mendes (University of Connecticut), Jürgen Pahle (Heidelberg University), Sven Sahle (Heidelberg University)


27th Oct 2018 1:00 pm - 6:00pm


Amphitheater F, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, 46 Allée d’Italie,69007 Lyon.

Main reception desk is at 46 Allée d’Italie, 69007 Lyon. Entrance for the workshop building (MGN2) is just opposite. see here for more information

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Additional materials:

additional materials are available from our Google Drive

Parameter Estimation

For the parameter estimation part, we have this archive, containing some models and data files to use during the tutorial. Second dataset for model selection of basic model.