2016 Conference on Computational Modelling with COPASI
Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, 12th – 13th May, 2016

Estimate the Number of Nodes in a Nanonetwork

Athraa Jani1, Dariusz Kowalski1, Alexei Lisitsa1

1 - University of Liverpool, UK

Keywords: Nanonetworks, Quorum Sensing, molecular communication, diffusion, synchronization


Nanotechnology provides promising solutions to problems in different disciplines. A nano-machine is the basic functional unit of any nano-system. When we have more than one nano-machine, the interaction between these machines would form a nanonetwork.

We consider a model of a nanonetwork consisting of N nano-machines, which are located in a space, and communicating between each other via diffusion. The goal of the model is to estimate N by certain devices in the nanonetwork, which can be done by adopting the mechanism of quorum sensing. Quorum sensing is a biological process that enables the synchronization of a population of bacteria. In order to synchronize with the group, each bacterium releases a particular type of molecules at a constant rate. The concentration of that type of molecules in the environment increases proportionally with the bacterial population. By this way, bacteria are able to sense their population density by detecting the level of that certain type of molecules. Thus, we are inspired by this biological mechanism to obtain the main objective of this model.

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