2016 Conference on Computational Modelling with COPASI
Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, 12th – 13th May, 2016

Invited Talk

Tissue specific models of Trp- and NAD-metabolism — insights into metabolic crosstalk

Ines Heiland1

1 - The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway

Keywords: metabolism, tryptophan, NAD-biosynthesis, metabolic control analysis, pipeline, python, script


We have in recent years built a comprehensive model of mammalian tryptophan metabolism and are in the process of doing the same for NAD-biosynthesis. Using these models we are able to simulated disease and tissues specific metabolic differences based on available expression data and previously measured kinetic parameters. To do this we have developed a COPASI-based pipeline that allows the calculation of metabolic changes for individual patients. Using metabolic control analysis we are furthermore able to predict potential intervention strategies and analyse tissue specific differences in the control of tryptophan metabolism. To perform these analysis we have developed a python library for the modification and analysis of models created with COPASI. Script based modifications of these models have also enabled us to analyse the metabolic crosstalk between different tissues, especially between brain and liver, two organs of specific interest with respect to tryptophan metabolism.

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